Tuscan Field of Gold ~ A Painting a Week

Sonntag, 17. Juni 2007

Tuscan Field of Gold

I'm back from Tuscany! I actually came back a week ago, but had to adjust to not being there anymore: it was a fantastic week, wonderful and better than I could hope for. I'd so love to be there right now... I learned a lot, got to meet wonderful people and really enjoyed Tuscany - even thought the weather was not really good.
AND I'm even more in love with my new EasyL now that I actually used it. Worked wonderfully, just as I thought it would. Here's a 'work-in-progress' picture showing the set up (scroll down for more to come...).

Seit einer Woche bin ich zurück aus der Toskana, und wäre doch am liebsten noch dort. Die Woche war genial, sehr lehrreich, die Leute toll, die Organisation nur zu empfehlen! - ich wünschte, ich könnte gleich wieder gehen...
UND meine neue Staffelei - EasyL - hat sich absolut bewährt, ich bin total begeistert, daher auch oben ein Schnappschuss 'bei der Arbeit'!

As I said I did learn a lot, both from Shauna, our wonderful teacher, and from all other participants. Watching others paint is always a treat.
We were not too lucky with the weather, but on Friday we had a great day of painting around the house, and I'm actually quite happy with my paiting. (and yes, I DO love Sting's songs....)

"Tuscan Fields of Gold"
acrylics on canvas, 40x30 cm

Obwohl wir vom Wetter nicht sooo verwöhnt wurden (und dafür das Cheminée um so mehr genossen) war der Freitag ein wunderbarer Mal-Tag. Diese Bild habe ich gleich hinter unserem Haus gemalt, und ich muss sagen, dass ich ganz zufrieden bin damit!

A few Links - zum träumen:
- Shauna Shane - a great teacher and a lovely person
- Il Chiostro, 'an inspirational place to work on art while getting to know the magic of Italian culture'

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Africantapestry hat gesagt…

This painting is beautiful...I love the capture of light! It sounds wonderful, your excursion to tuscany...yes, unfortunately the weather in Europe isn't hat wonderful this season...yet! I'm glad you've given comment on your easel. I am on the looking for better equipment, because I am very unorganized and a very "unprofessional" plein air painter...I look like a donkey cart when I go out to paint!
I love this painting...are there more to come from your trip?

Africantapestry hat gesagt…

I am commenting on this post again, because I've tried everything...can't comment on your latest post....seem like feedblitz might still have it in for you?
What a lovely scene and I'm still looking for an easel. They are quite expensive and I can only buy once. I've narrowed it down to one like yours and another similar, but with wooden feet as well...good luck on feedblitz.