Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2009

Portrait of an Artist

Well, it's only been a few hours since my last post. But I wanted to show you the portrait I did of a fellow artist as part of the Portrait Exchange Challenge over at "Different Strokes from Different Folks".

As I said in my last post, I was struggling to find the time to paint this. I actually planned to do only the underpainting in acrylics and then switch to oils, but decided to stay with acrylics. So while this portrait does not have the lush oil finish, it feels fresh and almost like a sketch.
One thing I did not really master in the last two years is taking a photograph of my artwork.

So here's my portrait of Vern.

Acrylic on canvas bord,
28x30 cm

And since likeness is always 'good to have' when painting a portrait, I'll post the reference I got from Vern - and thank you for the great photo to work from!

Happy New Year!

Two Years Later....

Well... the last sentence in this blog was "I'll update again once I'm back...".

I did not spend two years away, but somehow did not get to update this blog for such a long time. But many things kept me from blogging. Work life has been busy, I bought a flat and moved this summer. And at the beginning of this year I finally found my own studio - together with my good friend and painting buddy Sonja. So now I finally have the place to work on bigger pieces!

And in the summer - just before moving - we had our first exhibition and it was a great success.
Just to show you some of the newer paintings - click here!

Hopefully things will settle down a bit in the new year and I'll get around to posting again. Probably not a painting a week though...

One thing I meant to do for a long time now was taking part in the great experience that is "Different Strokes from Different Folks", a blog by Karin Jurick. Karin posts a photograph about every two weeks, and everybody who wants to can paint from this photo in his / her own style. Digital pictures of the artwork can then be sent to Karin and she posts it on the blog. A great way to show how different folks see and interpret the same photo and how different the results can be.
This year end challenge was sending a self-portrait photograph to Karin who sends you a photograph of someone else to paint! Definitely a challenge!

I got a great picture to paint, and was getting desperate to find enough time to paint it. I'm glad to say I finished in time, all that's left is to get a picture of it and send it to Karin. I'll post it here as well of course.

The photo of myself that I sent to Karin was very similar to one that I had used before for painting a self-portrait. I'll post this one here now, you'll see what my 'portrait challenge partner' did from his photo once I post the link to it.

Here's my self-portrait (first try, there will be more I'm sure...)

I'll post again soon - but first: HAPPY NEW YEAR!