Two Years Later.... ~ A Painting a Week

Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2009

Two Years Later....

Well... the last sentence in this blog was "I'll update again once I'm back...".

I did not spend two years away, but somehow did not get to update this blog for such a long time. But many things kept me from blogging. Work life has been busy, I bought a flat and moved this summer. And at the beginning of this year I finally found my own studio - together with my good friend and painting buddy Sonja. So now I finally have the place to work on bigger pieces!

And in the summer - just before moving - we had our first exhibition and it was a great success.
Just to show you some of the newer paintings - click here!

Hopefully things will settle down a bit in the new year and I'll get around to posting again. Probably not a painting a week though...

One thing I meant to do for a long time now was taking part in the great experience that is "Different Strokes from Different Folks", a blog by Karin Jurick. Karin posts a photograph about every two weeks, and everybody who wants to can paint from this photo in his / her own style. Digital pictures of the artwork can then be sent to Karin and she posts it on the blog. A great way to show how different folks see and interpret the same photo and how different the results can be.
This year end challenge was sending a self-portrait photograph to Karin who sends you a photograph of someone else to paint! Definitely a challenge!

I got a great picture to paint, and was getting desperate to find enough time to paint it. I'm glad to say I finished in time, all that's left is to get a picture of it and send it to Karin. I'll post it here as well of course.

The photo of myself that I sent to Karin was very similar to one that I had used before for painting a self-portrait. I'll post this one here now, you'll see what my 'portrait challenge partner' did from his photo once I post the link to it.

Here's my self-portrait (first try, there will be more I'm sure...)

I'll post again soon - but first: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Dear Gotti,
just looked at your self portrait and found it: it was wonderful. I want to learn to paint like you!!! I want to be an artist one day too!!!!! Love you and many thanks for the Christmas present. Lovening it! And it fits perfectly! Love from Celine