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Sonntag, 21. Februar 2010

Coffee Shop paintings

Two paintings this week - they were obviously done as a series, and I just sold one of them two weeks ago.

They were inspired by photos I've taken in autumn on a not-too-sunny afternoon, almost early evening. Just that time of the year where it's not yet winter but definitely getting there. The coffee shop still had the little tables on the boardwalk, but folks were sitting inside, warming their hands on a cup of coffee, cappuccino, mocha. Watching the people go by, letting their thoughts drift. Reading the paper or catching up with a good friend.

There's something cosy and soothing about such scenes - I hope I somehow captured it.

"Coffee Shop, 4pm"
acrylic on canvas
50 x 40 cm

"Coffee Shop, 7pm"
acrylic on canvas
40 x 50 cm

As I said before, I've just sold "Coffee Shop, 4pm" - and since I have an exhibition coming up and don't want to hang "7pm" all on it's own, I just started on another Coffee Shop painting to go with it.
At the moment it's only at the very first stage, but I might post a sneak preview soon.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Nice work! I like the lighting in the first one. Congrats on the sale.