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Montag, 16. Juli 2007

Along the River / Fischerstube

This Sunday was the hottest day of this summer (which is not really such an achievement, the last two months have been cold and rainy..). What's more important: I grabbed my EasyL and supplies, went down to the river and painted!
I started of with a first layer of burnt sienna and cad red light to give the scene a warm glow. This base colour can still be seen in places like the foreground trees - I really like the effect I get from this.
This painting took some two hours to finish, and probably another 30 minutes to get photographed..
One of these days I have to find a way to get a decent photo in less than 10 minutes.... and spend the rest of the time painting!

"Along the River / Fischerstube"
acrylics on canvas panel,
30x24 cm

Letzten Sonntag hatten wir den heissesten Tag in diesem Sommer (bis jetzt) - also habe ich meine Staffelei und meine Malsachen gepackt, mir am Fluss einen guten Ort gesucht und gemalt...
Das fotographieren danach war fast schwieriger.... wer das Bild also im Original sehen will, kann am besten bei mir vorbei kommen!

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Africantapestry hat gesagt…

I really like this...those foreground trees have beautiful sun reflecting on them. wonderful painting!