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Montag, 9. Juli 2007

Memories of Tuscany

I still miss Tuscany... so I used one of the reference photos I took to paint a 'almost-but-not-really-plein-air' painting.
First, it felt really awkward to paint from a photo instead of being there - this came as a surprise since I used to paint from reference pictures quite often. And I would have thought that having been there (Tuscany), having taken the picture myself and remembering so well what it was like would help... it did eventually, but I still don't really know what to make of the painting. Do I like it or not? I can't really say just now... But it does bring back memories...

"Memories of Tuscany"
acrylics on canvas, 30x40 cm

Als ich letzten Monat in der Toskana war habe ich -natürlich- auch viele Fotos gemacht. Eines davon habe ich als Vorlage für dieses Bild genommen.
Eigentlich hatte ich gedacht, dass es mir leicht fallen würde, diese Bild zu malen... aber zu meiner Überraschung musst ich mich erst wieder daran gewöhnen, NICHT vor Ort in der Natur zu sein, sondern im Atelier mit einem Foto als Vorlage.
Ich bin mir auch noch nicht sicher, ob mir das Bild gefällt... aber es bringt auf alle Fälle wunderbare Erinnerungen zurück!

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Africantapestry hat gesagt…

This painting has all the beautiful colors of Tuscany, it may have well bee done en plein air. I understand what you mean. Once you've captured an area right there from life, doing it from a photo afterwards, just doesn;t have that same kick, however good the painting may be. It is that experience and adrenaline of the moment the gives you that "high".
I also love your Carentais melons you did previously, wonderful colors you've captured there!