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Mittwoch, 3. Januar 2007

Country Road

"Country Road"
acrylic on board, 30x30 cm

Here's my first painting on this blog. And one of very few landscapes so far.
I bought a very good book some while ago, "The Acrylic Painter's Book of Styles & Techniques" and got inspired by one of William Hook's paintings. I like how little information is needed to make the painting work - and I love the warm glow of the golden fields. I plan to use this style for some more landscapes to come!

Hier also mein erstes Bild in diesem Blog - und eine der ersten Landschaften seit langem!
Inspiriert hat mich ein Bild von William Hook. Hier zeigt sich, dass es kaum Details braucht, um ein Bild wirken zu lassen. Und das warme goldenen Ocker der Felder gehört zu meinen Liebligsfarben.
Für das nächste Bild werde ich wahrscheinlich im selben Stil arbeiten.

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Dave hat gesagt…

Hey, now that's impressive! I will place you in my Favorites and check up on you from time to time! Nice site, by the way! :-)

Regula Scheifele (Amira) hat gesagt…

Thanks Dave! - the site is still evolving, check back in soon!

fireman's kid hat gesagt…

Amira, I read about your blog on Wet Canvas and then remembered to visit after seeing your comment on Robin's blog. I love that you are posting in German and English. I used to be almost fluent in German years ago and wish I could get back to that. I had fun trying to read the Gernam entries and then seeing if I got it right. :) I like your landscape too. The warm colors are beautiful. I will be back to see your future posts.

Fides hat gesagt…

wow... wunderschön, Regi!

Regula Scheifele (A Painting A Week) hat gesagt…

Hi Stacy

So nice of you to drop in! And thanks for the thumbs up on the bilingual posting style. I first meant to really mix the languages but this might be too confusing ,-)

So I'll try to be more or less consistent with the content of the English / German posts... in order not to confound you.
Oh, and feel free to comment in German if you like!